Brovaria® Pils

Brovaria Pils is bottom-fermented, Pilsner type, produced exclusively from Pils malt. It is old gold in colour with light straw flashes. Its characteristic dark flavour is a result of traditional decoction mashing whereas hop oils contribute to its intensive floral-herbal bitter flavour. Brovaria Pils is highly appreciated by fans of classical, strongly hopped beer with considerable aroma.

Original extract: 12,5 ° Blg.

Brovaria® Honey Beer

Brovaria Honey Beer is bottom-fermented, Märzen type. It is brewed with the special mixture of Pilz, Munich and caramel malt. The beer is mid-hopped, with the addition of top quality multi-floral honey. Brovaria Honey Beer is mild, malt-caramel, with unobtrusive bitterness.

Original extract: 12,5 ° Blg.

Brovaria® Wheat Beer

Brovaria Wheat Beer is, contrary to Pils and Honey - bottom-fermented beers of Brovaria® - top-fermented, Hefe Weizen type. It has an intense, straw colour and it is brewed with two types of malt: barley and special wheat malt. Brovaria Wheat Beer has a delicate flavour with a note of banana, clove and mild citrusy aftertaste. It is rather high-carbonated and low hopped beer that perfectly quenches thirst, which makes it an ideal spring and summer aperitif.

Original extract: 12 ° Blg.

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